The UPS and the diesel generator are 2 instruments for keeping a server functional in case there are issues with the main power source - a disruption or shaky current that cannot keep the hosting server working correctly, for instance. UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, although it is sometimes referred to as Uninterruptible Power Source as well. The UPS is, in simple terms, an effective battery that's attached to the hosting server and to the electric power network constantly, so in case there is any interruption, it is already operating, which enables the hosting server to carry on doing the job without losing any information. The diesel generator is an engine which can power up the whole data center. It does take some time to start working and it's the UPS which gives it this time. These two power solutions are fundamental for any facility or service provider that wants to stop info loss and hardware damage as a result of an unexpected electric power issue.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Website Hosting

The 99.9% network and server uptime warranty which we provide you with is, partly, a result of the power backup setup we have in every of the 3 data centers in which we offer cloud website hosting plans - in Chicago (USA), in Coventry (UK), and in Sydney (Australia). If you obtain a new account to build or move your websites, it shall be created on a modern cloud platform that consists of a number of clusters handling your content. Each hosting server in the particular cluster provides its own powerful enterprise-class UPS to keep it up and running no matter what, until several electrical power generators boot up and give the required power for the entire center to be working for many hours. You will not notice anything even if there is an outage, as our backup units will be able to power all of the devices and we shall not have to reduce the quantity of working servers or the network equipment that deals with the traffic to your websites.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We provide semi-dedicated server accounts inside our data center in the town center of Chicago and among the factors behind our 99.9% uptime warranty is the exceptional backup setup which the facility has. Your new account will be set up on our top-notch web hosting platform and each of the hosting servers that are part of it features its own highly effective UPS unit that will keep it 100% functional at highest capacity until a few diesel generators take over. The latter will be able to keep the whole data center functioning for a long stretch of time, without any limits on the amount or the type of devices that can work, so you'll not detect any difference in the overall performance or the loading speed of any Internet site that you host there. With our semi-dedicated web servers, you shall have the opportunity to use a top-quality web hosting service without interruptions of any kind.